Training and development

We are first and foremost a business that is all about learning.  So, as you’d expect, we are not only dedicated to the encouragement, accessibility and availability of learning and development of our learners, we are committed to it for our people too.

Right from the start, we give you the tools to be successful and to achieve your personal ambitions.  That begins with a tailored onboarding process to ensure you have all the information and tools you need to get to know our culture, our business and our Ways of Working.

Induction, onboarding and training 


Everyone who joins our business attends our two-day induction which focuses on introducing our new life-changing people to our culture, our DNA and our ways of working. 

It is also a great opportunity to meet other new starters and key people from the business who you will encounter along your journey at Lifetime.


If you are joining our business in one of our essential support based roles then, following induction, you will receive a bespoke onboarding set up by your new Manager.

For our new Coaches you will undertake our award-winning development journey which is designed around your experience and qualifications. This journey will guide you through everything; from expectations of the role, through to measures of success and setting solid objectives.

Have a look at this short video which explains what you can expect from this programme.



Teaching Assessing Qualification

For Learning Coaches, you will undertake either the complete journey towards a teaching/assessor qualification or undertake targeted modules if you join us with an existing teaching qualification. 

This ensures that we recognise any prior learning and experience whilst making sure everyone is prepared to deliver an exceptional standard of coaching.  In this way we can deliver an exceptional experience to our learners our, employer partners and to you 

The Journey of a Lifetime 

As part of our commitment to clear and accessible growth Lifetime is proud of a comprehensive development programme; Journey of a Lifetime.

Journey of a Lifetime is a central hub that provides careers guidance, learning resources and tools for competence and confidence.

Journey of a Lifetime allows you to create your own flexible and bespoke route, whether that be a specific area you want to be better at or you may want to complete all the topics and experiences that will assist you in getting onto the next leg of your career journey.

Ongoing professional development  

Everyone gets three hours a month dedicated to professional development, which you can use to stay abreast of industry innovation, update your sector specific knowledge, get to know more about the company or pursue self-directed learning. 

The Evolve conversation 

We have developed Evolve conversations so that our people have a platform to reflect on their performance and how this has contributed to the business and their own growth. These conversations also provide the opportunity for our people to identify their learning and development needs, future aspirations and discuss any areas where they would benefit from support. 

Career Zones 

Career Zones are there to be clear about the ways in which you can develop yourself to be future role ready. They provide an inspirational and transparent structure of the aspirational routes you can follow to drive your own self-directed growth.

The Career Zones map out the direction of your journey to allow you to understand the skills, knowledge, behaviours and essential stretch activities which can provide the opportunity for you to transition you from one role to another.

Evolving Talent 

We don’t just deliver apprenticeships. We also believe in their power and potential to change lives and build careers within our company.

Evolving Talent is the name of Lifetime Training Group’s Apprenticeship Programme, and through Journey of a Lifetime, our internal learning and development platform, we have committed to offering training and personal development opportunities for our existing and new life-changing people.

If your ambitions are equally as big, it’s time to embark on a career that could be truly life-changing.