What is a Learning Coach?

Our Learning Coaches put learners at the heart of their work, delivering life-changing opportunities that really unlock their potential and positively impact the employers they work for.

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Can I become a Learning Coach?

Whether you have already had experience of delivering apprenticeship training or simply have a relevant sector qualification and strong occupational experience within one of our key industries, then we want to hear from you.

You can find out more about this on each of our sector pages: Fitness, Hospitality, Health and Social Care, Clinical Health, Early Years, Leadership and Management, Retail, Warehousing, Trade and Logistics and Professional Services.

We will support you in achieving the remaining qualifications required as part of your onboarding. This can include Functional Skills (if you do not already possess a minimum GCSE in both English & Maths), and a teaching/assessor qualification.

People experienced in delivering apprenticeships join us because they want to work with the best, and professionals experienced in each of the sectors in which we deliver join us because they want to share their skills and experience.

This is your opportunity to make the life-changing leap into the training and development of others.

See what some of our Learning Coaches have to say about why they became Life-changing people:



How do I become a Learning Coach?

On joining us you will receive full induction to our company, values and culture and onward through a full onboarding development journey. This sets clear expectations of the role requirements and the associated measures of success, and so gives transparency and solid objectives right from the start.

Onboarding is delivered through a blended approach, including face-to-face and remote sessions, by a dedicated delivery team who train, develop, support and qualify all Learning Coaches to provide their learners with a high-quality learning experience.

From day one, you’ll be guided by a comprehensive onboarding plan which outlines what you will be learning and who will be supporting you.

Throughout your first six months you will be supported, coached and mentored by a number of experts across the business.

We will also support you in achieving your teaching/assessing qualification. This qualification will furnish you with the training and tools that will support you in delivering exceptional coaching and contribute to your personal and professional development.

During this period there will be the need for both travel and some overnight stays, which can be arranged through Lifetime’s travel system, this will help you to get a real feel for working out in the field and provide you with the opportunity to build strong relationships with our other new starters: providing you all with a peer-based support network from day one.

Have a look at this short video which explains what you can expect from your onboarding:



What is involved in achieving my teaching/assessing qualification and what does it mean to me?

We believe in developing our own talent through comprehensive development and training.

In some cases, people will join our business with existing experience of delivering teaching and training and already have an existing teaching qualification.

However, for those joining us directly from industry we have created a development journey, designed to support the professional development of our Coaches and deliver on our goal to deliver quality coaching with impactful outcomes for our learners and employer partners.

All individuals who join us without a minimum L3 teaching qualification will undertake be supported in achieving their teaching/assessor qualification as part of the development journey.

To find out more about what this looks like, have a watch of this short video.



Here is some useful information and FAQs which will help support you in making that life-changing decision to join us.

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