Meet Tessa

Tessa was attracted to Lifetime as it was ‘the dream HR job’. Having come from the hospitality industry it was a new challenge to join a business in the education and training sector. Having watched the business more than double in size Tessa grew with the changes, becoming HR Director and implementing a clear people strategy that drove engagement and a high performing culture. 

We are a dynamic, pioneering place to work which means we can make big decisions and implement positive business changes rapidly

It was the dream HR job!! An ambitious, fast growing business, where people are its key asset. The role had been created to support the development of the people strategy and implement transformational HR practices - I was hooked from my first conversation!

The people – it sounds a cliché but is so true. The passion of all Lifetimers is inspiring and infectious. It is also an incredibly open, friendly place to work.  We are also a dynamic, pioneering place to work which means we can make big decisions and implement positive business changes rapidly, allowing us to be incredibly nimble in our marketplace.

Every day is so different! I can be out in the field, shadowing our trainers one day, interviewing new Lifetimers another day and working with the Exec Team the next day! A typical week will involve lots of coffee, working on a variety of projects and workstreams with lots of inspiring people.

I joined Lifetime in 2014 and working in the education and training sector was a new challenge for me. I was promoted into my current role as HR Director in 2016.

No business can function without people and as a HR professional you play a vital role in making decisions that will allow an organisation to thrive.  As an HR Team we support the lifecycle of our people – from attracting and hiring new Lifetimers into the business, through to developing, engaging and retaining our existing team members.  I love what I do and there is no greater motivation than seeing people grow with us.

In a nutshell, by embodying our DNA values and behavious!

There are so many things that have been achieved at Lifetime that I am incredibly proud of.  But I think my most valued achievement is Lifetime’s year on year engagement index which remains above 80%.  This shows what a great place Lifetime is and what a fantastic team of Lifetimers we have which make us who and what we are .

I have a fantastic HR Team around me so it really is a team approach to delivering the people plan.  I also work closely with the Lifetime Executive Team to ensure that our people underpin all business decisions.

It is a positive, sociable, dynamic place to work. Everyone works incredibly hard to support our learners, but we also make time to have fun as well!

We are proud of our origins so although we are a rapidly growing business, we work hard at keeping that family culture that has made us so successful and special! It truly is a collaborative and pioneering culture, with everyone working together to put our learners at the heart of all we do.

Lifetime genuinely is a great place to work and if you work hard the opportunities available to you really are vast – we have some amazing career pathway stories of our Lifetimers.