Meet Rachael

Rachael is our Sales Support Manager leading a number of teams across Quality, Admin and Customer Service and Sales Support. She ensures that her teams are creating effective campaigns for our Sales Teams, supporting business strategies and assessing new processes to increase the quality and efficiency of what we do. Rachael's favourite song is ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by the Beatles, which perfectly reflects her positive outlook.

I believe that being a team player and having an innovative approach is what makes someone successful here

The fact that we are making a difference to people and helping them in their careers. When I interviewed with Lifetime there was also a strong sense of teamwork and buzz in the Sales department that attracted me too.

The people are great, from top management down. Everyone supports each other.

I manage the Sales Support, Quality, Campaign & Admin and Customer Service Team. These teams play a vital part in ensuring our learners have the best possible learner journey. My typical day is spent assessing new processes to increase quality and efficiency, liaising with Sales, Apprentice Recruitment and Operations to help achieve business targets.

I joined as a Senior Administrator and was promoted to Sales Support Team Leader after six months where I started by managing a team of four which quickly grew to eight staff. I was then promoted to Sales Support Manager taking on line management of our Quality Assessor and Campaign Exec.

I will soon be moving into the Telesales Manager role to cover my Manager whilst she is on maternity leave.

When my team achieved one of the highest scores in the company's engagement survey, beHEARD, and also playing a vital part in the business by achieving the highest number of starts in Lifetime history.

Lifetime is a company which constantly changes so the biggest challenge is ensuring that the teams I manage are fully up to date and always one step ahead.

I am responsible for ensuring that my teams created sufficient campaigns for the Sales Teams to achieve their targets, learners are signed up in a timely manner to meet employer partner expectations whilst keeping the quality of our information as accurate as possible. I am also responsible for keeping the department up to date with advancements, organizing any necessary training and liaising with our Operations Teams to ensure priorities are aligned.

I believe that having a great attitude to work, being a team player and having an innovative approach is what makes someone successful here. Lifetime is a company that really value its employees and promote employee development so it’s a great place to move up the career ladder.

My managers and fellow colleagues have always supported me in my development. Lifetime is the first company that I have worked for where they promote monthly 1-2-1s as well as in-depth yearly appraisals focused around individual development. This makes a big difference in feeling supported.

It is a very fast paced environment and every day has a different challenge to overcome but that’s what makes the work exciting.

People are at the forefront of everything that we do in Lifetime, whether it is ensuring that our learners have the best possible training experience or making sure that staff feel valued and supported.

Everyone works together to achieve goals, which can be quite rare in a sales/target driven environment. Lifetime also recognize the importance of staff having pride in their work and feeling valued, and this always appears to be considered in any decisions.
It is the only company I have worked in where anyone, no matter what job title, can have direct contact with the Senior Exec Team.