What makes a life-changing person? It’s all in our DNA.

In the simplest terms, Lifetime DNA is a blueprint of who we are.

It’s at the heart of our culture and defines how we want do things: how we engage with one another, and our employers, learners and stakeholders.

It’s what sets our expert people apart from the competition: five core molecules (with a sixth for our Leaders and Managers) made of a unique structure that encompasses the skills, behaviours and attitudes that will help our team succeed.

It’s about bringing together the best of all our individuals to make a powerful, successful and talented team.



If you already share our DNA behaviours, you could have what it takes to join us. 

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The Lifetime DNA

Anticipate and recognise your key stakeholder needs.

Manage expectations – follow through on actions.

Adapt your communicating to engage and influence.

We must always be open and honest in all our communication and interactions.

Earn the trust and respect of others to work together to achieve goals.

Have an inner drive to achieve high quality results and exceed expectations.

Be forward thinking in your approach.

Drive your own performance and development through stretching challenges.

Contribute to a high performance culture to deliver great results.

Adapting approach to involve others.

Consulting and working with others for success of organisation.

Taking responsibility for own work.

Respecting others’ views and contributions.

Sharing best practice, knowledge and expertise.

Taking whatever role is needed to support others and achieve results.

Creative, solution focused thinking.

Embrace change.

Innovate - always looking for better ways of doing things.

Get to the heart of an issue - apply great judgement; make decisions; solve problems.

Act as a role model, adopting high professional standards.

Quality is central to everything you do – act as an ambassador of high quality & standards.

Take responsibility for your own work.

Focus on the solution, not the problem and finds a way forward to learn for the future.

Inspire & motivate those around you.

Deliver outstanding results.

Celebrate success.

Show resilience under pressure.

Ability to create confident, performing teams that release the potential in everyone and sustain a profitable business.

Shows a personal commitment to on-going development for themselves and others.