Working as a Regional Apprenticeship Trainer

We’ve become one of the UK’s leading training companies because our Regional Apprenticeship Trainers really put our learners at the heart of their work.

Visiting learners in the workplace to assess, teach and guide them, they go further to deliver more. And because they have a passion for learning and developing others, are organised and flexible and thrive in our dynamic environment, they love every minute of it.

Individuals with existing experience in a similar role join us because they want to work with the best, and professionals experienced in each of the sectors in which we deliver join us because they want to share their skills and experience.

All benefit from a comprehensive, award-winning onboarding programme to ensure they are appropriately qualified, fully up-to-speed in their new role, and confident about delivering an exceptional experience to learners.

In short, if you share our DNA, we can help and guide you to make the change of a lifetime.

Our Regional Apprenticeship Trainers

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Here at Lifetime we have a range of careers to offer - everything from training and assessing in our core sectors to the roles at Support Hub who help in our mission to change learners' lives for the better.

Active Leisure - Assessor/Trainer - Birmingham/Coventry - Field based - Birmingham/ Coventry
Apprenticeship Assessor - Active Leisure - Nottingham - Field based - Nottingham area
Apprenticeship Assessor - Active Leisure - Reading - Field based - Oxford & Reading
Hospitality Trainer/Assessor - Peterborough/Cambridgeshire - Field based - Peterborough
Hospitality Assessor/Trainer - South Bristol/Somerset/Cornwall - Field based - South Bristol/Somerset/Devon/Cornwall
Hospitality Trainer/Assessor - Exeter - Field based - Exeter
Hospitality Trainer/Assessor - Bedfordshire - Field based - Bedfordshire
Hospitality - Trainer/Assessor - Reading - Field based - Reading
Hospitality Assessor/Trainer - London - Field based - London
Advanced Qualifications Trainer - Field based - Cambridge
Advanced Qualification Trainer - Field based - Hampshire/ Dorset
Desk Based Tutor - Health and Social Care - Lifetime Training Head Office - Head Office
Health & Social Care Assessor/Trainer - South London, Esher, Byfleet - Field based - South London
Health & Social Care Assessor/Trainer - Essex - Field based - Essex
Health & Social Care Assessor/Trainer - Uxbridge - Field based - Uxbridge / Harrow
Early Years - Regional Trainer - Leeds, North East, Hull - Field based - Leeds/North East/Hull
Early years Assessor/Trainer - South London - Field based - South London
Early Years Assessor/Trainer - Essex - Field based - Essex
Retail Assessor/Trainer - London - Field based - South/East/West Central London
Retail Assessor/Trainer - East Midlands - Field based - Grantham, Spalding
Retail Assessor/Trainer - North London - Field based - North London
Retail Trainer/Assessor - West Sussex/Worthing - Field based - Worthing/West Sussex
Retail Assessor/Trainer - Stoke - Field based - Stoke
Retail Assessor/Trainer - East London - Field based - London
Apprenticeship Trainer - London - Field based - London
Clinical Assessor/Trainer - Essex - Field based - Essex
Clinical Assessor/Trainer - London - Field based - London
Clinical Assessor/Trainer - Essex - Field based - South East

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