Meet Matt

Matt was inspired to join Lifetime when he met one of our Regional Apprenticeship Trainers in his last role. With 15 years in the fitness industry and able to demonstrate our Lifetime DNA, Matt was an ideal candidate to become a Regional Apprenticeship Trainer himself. Matt now supports a caseload of learners completing their fitness apprenticeships as well as guiding our employer partners through the journey at the same time. With a motto of ‘Work hard, play harder’ Matt’s love of Bond films should come as no surprise.

If you want a varied job, where you can apply and learn many news skills then this is the job for you

I used to work for a company that was contracted to Lifetime, to deliver their Training. I had regular contact with the Regional Apprenticeship Trainer, who used to visit the site and he said that Lifetime was a good company to work for. I also completed some work based learning qualifications with Lifetime, about ten years ago and I enjoyed the experience and professionalism I received.

There’s lots that I enjoy about working for Lifetime. I have the flexibility to manage my own diary and time, which fits around my family and social life.  I like going to new places/sites and meeting new people.  The main reason is the job satisfaction I get, when I have helped someone progress their career and learn something that the never thought they could do.

Each day consists of going and doing something different. I hit the road after the school run about nine o'clock am and drive to my first site. I will then complete on average three visits per day, covering various qualifications across sites in the Midlands.

When I first started the job there was a lot to learn. I was completing my assessor and teaching qualifications, as well as learning a new job. There were a couple of team members who were very supportive and would answer the phone every time I called and would talk me through anything I needed to know.

I have worked in the fitness Industry for 15 years. I started off as Fitness Instructor & PT for around three to four years and then progressed on to fitness management. I made the decision that I wanted to progress my career by working more in management. After being successful in my role I was put on an internal management progression scheme, which helped me progress in to the next role of Deputy Club Manager. This role consisted of managing both sales and operational aspects of the business. I now use all this knowledge and experience and put it in to my teaching, to help relate to my learners.

By delivering high quality teaching and learning sessions and giving the learners a good experience, it will help the company’s reputation and quality rating with OFSTED. Also by managing my learner’s visit frequency and planned end dates, it will ensure that funding payments are made and it will help to drive revenue.

On my third month in the company I helped eleven learners to complete their apprenticeship. I have also finished in the top 35 performing Regional Apprenticeship Trainers, eight times. I have mentored and supported the last two team members to start in our team and I was nominated by my internal verifier to complete my IQA qualification. Two of my learners and one of my managers on the Places for People account I cover, have won the Apprentice of the Year and Training Manager of the Year award.

When I started in the role, I was assigned a mentor that was on hand to help with any issues and questions that I had. They would also come out on visits with me and assist in learning the job. We have regular meetings with our quality verifiers and training days, where we go through each qualification and how we can deliver better quality. The verifiers will come out with us on visits and support us with any issues and give feedback. Our Area Manager delivers regional meetings and site visits with us, to update us on the business performance and give praise and recognise high performance.

Lifetime creates a good working culture. The company is dedicated to delivering the best teaching and learning through the Regional Apprenticeship Trainers, by being innovative and supportive. The company adapts to any change and is at the forefront of training and education. It also creates a motivated workforce with the support and positive attitude.

The Senior Management Team are visible and approachable. I have had the COO come out with me for the day, which shows that they care and are interested in seeing the impact there decisions have on our working day. Having worked for other large companies, this is not always the case. As an employee this makes you feel valued and a part of the team.