Meet David

David started his training career helping people build their employability skills which set a strong foundation for him to transition into a Regional Apprenticeship Trainer in our retail sector. David really values the importance of providing a quality learning experience and journey both for his learners and himself. He has recently moved into a role where he continues to deliver training but is also working closely with his employer partners to help them to select their apprentices. David’s favourite film is Jurassic park so as well as being a great trainer he is pretty fearless to boot!

The best thing about working for Lifetime is being able to develop individuals and see them progress within their roles

I wanted to work for a training provider that valued the importance of an apprentices’ learning experience and development. The big brands Lifetime work with was great a great opportunity for me to showcase my skills and make an impact on the lives of others.

The best thing about working for Lifetime is being able to develop individuals and see them progress within their roles.

A typical day as an apprenticeship trainer will be to meet up with different learners and help them to engage and learn new skills. I will complete learning sessions and give advice and guidance. I will catch up with a line manager or supervisor and update them on the apprentices’ progress and what support I may need from them. I continually prepare new resources to keep visits engaging.

I started off as an Employment Officer. I helped support learners build confidence, interview techniques and writing CV’s. Within this role I worked with gym owners and managers to help give job opportunities to our learners.  I then went on to become a Regional Apprenticeship Trainer where I have also been managing the team when my Area Manager goes on annual leave.  I am now working in the Key Accounts team at Lifetime.

You need to be a self-driven individual who is willing to adapt. You need to be inspirational and have an ambition to deliver world class service for all of our employer partners. Planning is key is for trainers to be able to meet all targets. Communication is key to support your learner and others within the team.

I started off my career as an apprentice completing a level 2 and 3 business administration apprenticeship. Working at a smaller training provider, I worked my way up from an administration role to a Key Skills Test Officer then moved into the key accounts role supporting the placement of 16-18 year olds with different employers.

It is fantastic to work at Lifetime Training. Everyone is extremely supportive and will go above and beyond to support me an enable me as a trainer to deliver outstanding learning for our learners and employer partners.  Lifetime really does have an impact on learners with progression and development and again Lifetime allows everyone to do this by providing the resources they need. Lifetime is always trying to be innovative to improve experiences for employees and customers.

My manager always supports me by thinking of better ways of working to ensure that we meet the customers’ needs. Colleagues at Head Office are always on hand to help with any questions I have while I am out with learners. Key Account Manager’s work with me with information which enables me to provide ‘outstanding’ delivery.

I believe the way Lifetime puts learners at the front of any procedure or key account discussion sets us above the rest. Our brilliant key account links helps us to support learners with a unique and outstanding learning experience.

I would advise them that they will be working for one of the biggest and best training providers in the country. I would get them to understand our values and ways of working on how we deliver outstanding learning experiences.