Meet Michael

With a background in hospitality, Michael wanted to make a change in his career where he could pass on the knowledge and skills he had gained. Joining Lifetime as a Regional Apprenticeship Trainer he was able to put this wish into practice. He delivers aspirational experiences to his learners and employer partners whilst trusted relationships. Michael has been lucky enough to have been given a flying lesson as a birthday present which has got him hooked. He is certainly one of Lifetime’s high flyers!

No matter what role you apply for you can make an impact on someone, a business or our business

I came from the industry and wanted a way to pass on my skills and knowledge to others while getting a better social/work/life balance. I had previously completed NVQs before and always saw it as a career avenue to explore with the growth of the industry and need for training.

No day is ever the same. You are given a guide / mission of what you need to achieve in your own personal work through KPIs that can be broken down into SMART goals. Once you know this you are given the tools and freedom to achieve this and more in any way you see fit. Plus I don’t think I have actually met a “bad” person working for lifetime, everyone is so nice and on board with what we are trying to do.

Being flexible, collaborative, proactive, friendly and putting the learner at the forefront of what you do. We are all here for their benefit so we must have them in mind when we are working.

Hard to say. I was part of a successful grade 2 Ofsted inspection. I have been nominated and won numerous Spirit awards. I believe my biggest achievement is being nominated for trainer of the year twice in a row and making it to the final 3 in the Lifetime learner Achievement awards 2016.

I speak with my manager at least once a week. They are always available if I need to speak with them more than that. It is clearly laid out what is needed and expected of me and if this isn’t quite where it needs to be, tools and support are in place to help achieve this. Evolve conversations take place twice a year in which we can look at what I am doing well and what I want to work towards and aspire to in order to help my career and potential reach further.

Fantastic! I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon and it is fast approaching my longest running job. Everyone is on board with the same message and ethos the company puts out. The work we do directly effects people and helps them to lead better lives which is greatly satisfying. Someone is always there to help you if you need it. I love it!

Everyone is on board with the mission that lifetime is working towards. It is a professional atmosphere and we are all focused on the learner and getting the best outcomes for them to help develop them but also grow lifetime and make us the best at all times.

Do it! No matter what role you apply for you can make an impact on someone, a business or our business. You will feel rewarded and like you are part of something big.