Meet Heather

Heather joined Lifetime as a qualified assessor with a background in early years care. She has spent a number of years delivering early years apprenticeships as a Regional Apprenticeship Trainer but has recently moved over to a Care Coordinator role where she is developing a programme of early years courses for self-funded learners. She loves the film Forrest Gump, citing it as her ‘all-time favourite film’. We couldn’t agree more.

The best thing about working for Lifetime is the range of opportunities they have given me to progress and develop

Having worked for training providers prior to joining Lifetime, I was aware of the good reputation of the company and when seeking to move from a college lecturer role, I knew this is where I wanted to work.

The best thing about working for Lifetime is the range of opportunities they have given me to progress and develop. I have been given development opportunities such as involvement in technology developments, I have been a WOW ambassador, am currently working towards the IQA qualification and now progressing into a coordinator role.

I started as a qualified apprenticeship trainer, have progressed on to my verifier award and am now progressing into the Commercial Care Coordinator Role.

I completed my University Early Years diploma in 2001 and following this I worked in three different nurseries progressing from assistant up to senior staff over a period of 6 years.  I progressed into the role of Assessor in 2007 during which time I achieved my assessor award.
In 2013 I worked as a college lecturer in a foundation studies department, working with disadvantaged pupils to develop basic life skills including understanding health, exploring art and working in the community.  I joined Lifetime as an Early Years Trainer in 2014.

Having a good open relationship and rapport with Area Managers has significantly helped me to be successful at Lifetime

Mid way through my Lifetime employment I had an opportunity to support development of business in the Devon area as an alternative to my previous area of Gloucestershire. The challenge with this was to generate interest, raise awareness and a develop a caseload of learners and businesses in an area in which Lifetime previously only had limited delivery in early years.  This involved me facing a lot of challenges, in particular going out of my comfort zone to actively market in the area, as well as spend significant travel time to and from the area whilst maintaining a full caseload.  By sheer determination, and working alongside supporting Area Mangers, we achieved the caseload and the business in the area is now thriving.

On the whole the work with Lifetime is very positive. I feel valued and an active participant in the company. As with any role or career, there are days when work can be difficult and when things don’t quite go to plan. However I know I have the support of colleagues, managers and trainers to help me through these challenging times.

Lifetime, in my view, is a culture of quality and support with the determination to be a successful business

From working with other provides it is clear that Lifetime has an over-arching understanding of the importance of quality in its service to its customers. It understands that ultimately quality can lead to quantity.  Furthermore, in comparison to all my previous employment, Lifetime has been the one that seems to take opportunity and time to recognise my skills and support me in using them to develop myself and the business.