Meet Christine

Christine is one of our Regional Apprenticeship Trainers in our growing clinical sector. Having come from a nursing background Christine is able to use her broad sector knowledge and experience to deliver apprenticeships to the next generation of clinical practitioners. Christine believes that any good social event should included great food and laughs and so would invite Sandy Toksvig, Joe Lycett, David Mitchell and Lee Mack to spend the evening with her.

I love the independence in this role combined with the working framework outlined by Lifetime

It was a change of career from a nursing background and the Lifetime website made the company sound appealing. Also, they were prepared to employ me for my experience in the sector and train me as an assessor.

I love the independence in this role combined with the working framework outlined by Lifetime. You know what is required but have some autonomy and control. I also really enjoy the variety of meeting different people each day in different places.

A typical day would probably be spent at one hospital meeting 3 different learners. I would usually meet each of them in the department they work in if possible, so I could be in Orthopaedics, Outpatients or the Stroke unit. Then once home I catch up with emails and make sure all is ready for the next day.

Since I joined Lifetime I have completed my CAVA assessor qualification. Next I will start my EAT teaching qualification to become a fully qualified Regional Apprenticeship Trainer.

Before joining Lifetime I have worked in a variety of different job roles, but mainly working as a Staff Nurse since qualifying some time ago. I have also worked in hospitality and catering equipment sales in central London.

If I work well within my role and ensure my learners and their manager are happy with the support I provide the learners are most likely to achieve their goals. This will impact positively on Lifetime as feedback will be good for their reputation and consequently more business will be generated.

I think my biggest achievement so far is completing my CAVA qualification.

In the role of Regional Apprenticeship Trainer support is mainly from your Area Manager, IQA, and other apprenticeship trainers within the team. There are regular team meetings and standardisation meetings to keep everyone up-to-date with everything. Also, 1-2-1 meetings and conversations with your Area Manager to go through your caseload and discuss any problems.

The biggest challenge has been taking on a full caseload of existing learners whom I have had to build relationships with. Trying to understand what motivates each of them and how to get the best from them, as each one is of course very different.

I have found the culture at Lifetime to be very open and friendly. Everyone is very happy to help and answer any questions, even though some I have never met in person as we are all over the country.

Lifetime are very focused on training their own staff and keeping everyone up-to-date on any changes in the sector. The induction process is like no other I have heard of, two months to get to know the company and how it works. The company wide Ways of Working guidelines actually allow for planning time and CPD which I think is unusual.

I would say I believe Lifetime is a great company to work for, the expectations are high but the support is there to help. I think it is a company that you can feel proud to work for as they have a fresh and professional image and are forward thinking and progressive.