Meet Sam

As one of our Course Advisors, Sam spends his day speaking to prospective new employer partners to help them identify whether they have the opportunity for apprenticeships within their business. Sam is able to guide them through the requirements for apprentices and give them advice on how best to use their apprenticeship funds. As the initial point of contact for new employer partners Sam builds trusted relationships and a clear plan of action which will set our partners on their journey with Lifetime. Sam has a massive collection of over 40,000 songs which are all held on his Ipad classic. It may not be vinyl but an Ipod Classic is truly retro-style.

I have done a lot of different sales type roles before and would say that Lifetime is definitely the best company I’ve worked for.

I had heard that Lifetime was a good organisation to work for with lots of opportunities for progression; when I came for my interview I felt the office has a good atmosphere which is one of the most important things I look for when joining a new company.

The people! The office doesn’t feel like a typical sales environment, the team I work with is very close and because we have a collective target this means we all help and support each other in achieving this.

My typical day consists of a mixture of calling new sites and building new relationships with managers on site along with calling sites where I have an existing relationship; I am also involved in loading up templates to our system and have just become the Care Champion, so I am liaising with Care Account Managers.

I am currently doing the Care Champion work with the hope that I can learn more about the account management side of the business, my goal would be to go for an Account Executive position when I have gained enough knowledge.

My biggest achievement so far has been getting over 160 new leads generated in a month; I was also nominated for an Most Valuable Person award when I first joined the business.

The biggest challenge was finding my way around the case management system when I first started as it’s quite complex; over time I have asked for additional training from some of the senior advisors and now feel competent in all aspects which directly relate to my current role.

The Client Engagement Team is essential in maintaining the relationship between our biggest accounts as well as new accounts which have been won by the cold team.

I think the most important thing is to make sure you are consistently trying to improve and making sure you pick up extra duties and get yourself noticed so that when a role does become available you will be in a better position to get it.

We have a monthly team meeting where we can voice any concerns we have and discuss any changes.

It’s enjoyable – I have done a lot of different sales type roles before and would say that in terms of the people, office environment and opportunities for progression Lifetime is definitely the best company I’ve worked for.

I am always being given the opportunities to take on extra responsibilities which will enable me to build up new knowledge and experience as well as being made aware of new roles which will allow to progress within the company.

Lifetime rewards a good work ethic and as a company is good at recognising when someone has gone the extra mile in their role. The environment is relaxed and as employees we are trusted to manage our time effectively so long as we are hitting our targets.

I would say the opportunities for progression make Lifetime unique as I haven’t worked in a company before where you are able to progress so quickly between roles.

For anyone thinking of applying I would say that in addition to the relaxed atmosphere, the one thing which makes Lifetime stand out is the people – usually a sales environment attracts a certain type of person but with Lifetime there is a diverse mix of personalities. Starting a new job can be daunting but when join you quickly feel part of the group and there’s a sense that everyone helps each other.