Meet Andy

Andy has been a key player in our Telesales Team for some time now and has worked his way up from a Telesales Course Advisor to a Team Leader where he is able to use his experience to support, coach and manage his team.  Andy is dedicated to his wife who he considers to be the most valuable thing in his life. He is fairly confident that he could not manage without her.

The best thing about working for Lifetime is the people you get to work with; people who are passionate about their job

What attracted me to Lifetime was the company’s DNA which is at the heart of our culture. These six molecules made of a unique structure encompassing behaviors and attitudes help teams succeed. It’s about bringing everything together.  I chose to work for Lifetime because they offer Apprenticeships which is an important and valuable career area. Lifetime gives people the opportunity to gain the right qualifications and to help them learn new skills and further their career.

The best thing about working for lifetime is the people you get to work with, very professional, hard working, innovative people who are passionate about their job. They strive to provide the best service and experience for their learners and are always aiming to progress.

My typical day involves checking my emails to make sure enquiries are followed up in the correct way. Updating my team’s daily statistics to show them how well they are performing. My day also covers any coaching and any training that may be required for my team, supporting my colleagues with any issues or queries from learners.

I started working in telesales at Lifetime in Oct 2014.  I really didn’t have much experience and knowledge of apprenticeships but I did bring experience from my sales and customer service background. With the training and support I received I began to grasp what was expected of me and started to thrive in my role and I began to feel very comfortable. After a while I wanted to get more involved, so I started to help my colleagues with extra coaching sessions and get involved in other projects. After 2 and a half years I became a Senior Client Engagement Officer and have now progressed to Team Leader.

My biggest achievements was when I won a Spirit award for demonstrating Lifetime’s DNA behaviors.  This was absolutely amazing. 

My role supports part of the company that helps learners achieve their goals in life and offers learners a chance to gain qualifications to help and support them to progress in their job roles.

To be successful you need to be determined and do your job well and get involved with different projects and opportunities that Lifetime Training offers.

My manager supports me whenever I need it and also he supports me to be a self-developer. I am always encouraged to do the best I can by my manager and other colleagues in other departments within Lifetime. I love how every pulls together to support each other.

Lifetime Training's culture is unique because of the people. Everyone is friendly and supportive.

I would say it will be one of the best moves you can take along your pathway in life. Lifetime is a fantastic company to work for.