Meet Felicity

As our Resourcing Partner, Felicity is responsible for developing our employer brand and making sure that everyone knows why we are a great place to work. She develops the recruitment strategy and processes to ensure that we are hiring the very best talent to become our next Life Changing People. Felicity’s favourite film is The Shawshank Redemption.  She says she loves ‘the message about hope in a hopeless situation and rising above adversity’.

I love coming to work. It is incredibly busy and always challenging, in a fantastic way

I work at Head Office and when I came to visit for my interview there was instantly a great vibe about the place. People were friendly, welcoming and cheerful which went a long way towards convincing me that this was a great place to work. I loved that the company was growing and that they were willing to try new things and innovate in the way they delivered their business. They had big plans and I wanted to be part of that

For me it is all about people. The people I work with, the people we recruit and ultimately the people we are delivering to; our learners and employer partners. I love knowing that what I do has an impact and influences how great we are out there in the field. I feel valued in what I do within my team and across the business with people I build relationships with every day.

No two days are the same in my role. I can be a straight forward as arranging interviews and talking to potential Lifetimers about how great we are as a business, to creating strategies to deliver excellence in our roles and ensuring that Lifetime as an employer brand gets out there in the market so that people know who we are and want to come and work here.

I started here as the Resourcing Partner and was able to help build and enhance the recruitment process and delivery across the business. As we have grown as a business we have implemented a number of initiatives which have enhanced our ability to provide a better candidate journey. I now manage a small team who focus on engaging with candidates and supporting our managers in recruiting the very best talent.

My role is all about attracting and identifying talented individuals who will help us to deliver excellence through their roles. I help to create new and innovative ways of attracting people and then help my colleagues to engage people and identify whether they have Lifetime DNA and if they will bring these behaviours and values to life within their roles

Success here is all about delivering and achieving whilst demonstrating our Lifetime DNA. It is not just about what you do, but about how you do it as well. We want to see people developing and growing with us and recognise excellence through delivery of objectives and embodying our core values.

I have a great team around me and we collaborate and share ideas in a very open way. I am always made to feel that I can contribute to a discussion and I am always able to ask my colleagues for help and advice particularly outside of my areas of expertise. My manager is supportive and has a real open door policy (metaphorically) and has regular conversations with me, both through our Evolve conversations and on an informal basis about what I need and where I want to go.

Getting to a point where I was asked to form a team and become a manager.

When I first started we did not have a structured recruitment department so it was a real challenge to implement some fundamental but essential processes and tools to be able to deliver a new and aspirational strategy to recruit people. This has grown and grown and we are now at the stage where we are looking at enhancing our initiatives and new and improved ways of doing things

I love coming to work. It is incredibly busy and always challenging, in a fantastic way. Our people are so dedicated and passionate about what they do and this ethos runs thought the company. I love speaking to all the different people both in the field and in our Head Office and it keeps me smiling and striving to do my best to help them.

Life at Lifetime is about delivering the very best to our employer partners and learners. It is about striving for excellence and championing innovation and pioneering ways of doing things. What I love about being here is that everyone is encouraged to try things and if it does not work then we take lessons from it and try it again or try something new.

This is a great place to work. If you want to feel like you are making a difference and using your skills then this is the place to be. We really care about our people and want to make a difference for them and through them.