Meet Carly

In her role as Internal Communications Executive, Carly is truly our internal voice. She makes sure that we are keeping our people informed of everything that is happening, from critical business changes to events and social activities, as well as embedding our mission, vision and Lifetime behaviours across the business through various channels. Carly would love share an evening with Kathy Burke, Gillian Anderson and Victoria Coren Mitchell to discuss comedy, aliens and history over a nice bottle of wine.

I knew Lifetime was somewhere I wanted to work - it felt the perfect fit and matched what is important for me in a working environment

I knew Lifetime was somewhere I wanted to work when I researched its values and behaviors as part of my interview; it felt the perfect fit and matched what is important for me in a working environment. Also, coming from a corporate background, I wanted to work for a smaller (but rapidly growing) company that was really making a difference to other people’s lives.

Knowing that you are a very important piece of the jigsaw that is changing people’s lives and helping them develop in the careers.

I support the business to communicate with all Lifetimers through lots of different mediums such as our community intranet (FUSE), email, blogs, podcasts and publications to ensure they are up-to-date with business news relevant to them and are given a voice. I also work with all of Lifetime’s departments and levels of leadership to drive HR’s People Plan across Lifetime. The People Plan is all about making sure Lifetime has a high performing culture that inspires Lifetimers to excel, put quality at the heart of everything we do and drive exceptional performance. This includes various engagement and recognition strategies, career evolution and embedding our mission, vision and DNA behaviors into everything Lifetimers do.

Doing what I do increases employee engagement, knowledge of the business and let’s each Lifetimer know how they fit into the bigger picture. An engaged Lifetimer is a happy Lifetimer, resulting in someone who wants to do the very best in their role which in turn gives our learners the best training experience possible. It’s a domino effect!

Being a person open to change, someone who embraces an informal but professional culture and who can see how they are important in helping Lifetime reach its mission and vision.

Joining Lifetime has allowed me to put my own stamp and voice on Internal Communications in the space of just a couple of weeks.

I’m always given well-constructed feedback about my work, from my team and via the comment sections on Blue FUSE. I also know that if I ever need more support or information to complete a project everyone is more than happy to help me

As I do not come from a training background, it was a challenge to get my head around the company structure, terms and acronyms but everyone is so approachable that any questions I had were soon answered.

It’s a great environment full of helpful, enthusiastic people who are experts in what they do and who represent our DNA behaviors.

Lifetime’s culture allows for quick, positive changes and the evolution of processes through the sharing of best practice. We have six strong values that reflect everything that is expected of us in our day to day roles, we have a clear Ways of Working (WoW) structure which allows us to manage our workload easily and collaboratively and a concise mission and vision which reminds you why you do what you do. All these combined make for a passionate, focused and supportive group of Lifetimers.

They listen to their people, are open to change and ideas and have a strong set of values. They also invest a lot in the personal development and career growth of their people.

Do it! Lifetime makes you proud to do what you do and the way you are doing it.