Meet James

Our Payroll Manager, James, brings 17 years worth of experience to his role. He believes that people deserve to be paid for the work that they do and to be paid on time. James dedicates himself to meticulously processing all of the company payroll accurately and on time and will often go the extra mile to make sure this happens. A true demonstration of our DNA behaviors. James owns a signed picture of Paul Gascoigne taken at a golf day in Wales which is his most prized possession. He would also like to invite Gazza as one of his celebrity dinner party guests alongside David Attenborough, Jeremy Clarkson and Robbie Williams.

Lifetime's DNA is a perfect example of what the employee needs to be to have a successful career here

It was a bit of chance and a bit of luck really. My friend from a previous job was here on a temporary basis before going off on maternity leave and she recommended that I apply for the role. After my interviews, it wasn’t a hard decision. I knew I was coming to a great company with great people.

For me it’s the people. Being the Payroll Manager gives me the opportunity to interact with many different people from all over the business. Lifetime also gives you the freedom to learn and grow as a person whether that be changing job roles within the company or enrolling yourself onto a course to increase your own knowledge.

Payroll is generally seen as a repetitive job however within my role I control a number of different functions for the business. So as well as the general day to day running of the payroll I also control the company’s car fleet, pensions and childcare voucher schemes amongst other things. I have to ensure all of the above run efficiently and on a timely basis. I also work closely with HR.

People work and deserve to be paid on time and accurately, so my role is to do this and adhere to contractual and statutory obligations on behalf of the employee and employer. Also I understand the stresses that can come with pay so I will always answer any question anyone has for me whether they feel it might be a silly question or not, it’s never a problem to ask me to help the employee and put their mind at rest.

I believe if you work hard and help others you will be rewarded by the company. Lifetimes DNA is a perfect example of what the employee needs to be to have a successful career here.

Being nominated in the first three months of my employment for a Spirit award was pretty special for me. I’ve worked in payroll for seventeen years and you don’t tend to get many people calling or emailing you to say thanks for getting my pay correct. The recognition of being nominated from someone from a different department made me feel I was doing something great for people.

Finance is a small but great team. We tend to be quiet in the corner of the office however we are always here for people if they need advice on anything. My manager gives me all the support I need to enable me to do the job for the company and has supported me in taking additional qualifications.

Most recently the challenges have been to manage the amount of people joining the company and getting them onto the payroll correctly. This is done by a mixture of HR and myself working very hard to ensure all that needs to be done is done.

Great, the best job I’ve ever had and I’ve worked in a number of places. I’m left to do my job and I have the support of my team should I ever need it.

Hard working but also relaxed. If you get you head down and get your job done you can leave on time knowing you’ve made a difference.

Do it ! You will not regret it when you are working here.