Meet Charlotte

Helping to keep the company finances in check Charlotte supports a variety of people with their expenses and invoicing as well as processing month end. Having not come from a finance background Charlotte is proud of having completed her Level 2 and 3 finance qualification whilst at Lifetime (which she was able to complete in a year and a half).

I think what makes Lifetime a unique employer is the fact that they want everyone to develop to be the best they can be

I used to work for a supplier of Lifetime's and so I had a lot of contact with Lifetime employees.  As I got to know more about the company I felt it would be a good company to work for. I decided I wanted to pursue a career in finance so when the finance assistant job arose I knew it was the perfect opportunity.

Lifetime is full of amazing, aspirational employees, sharing the same vision.

My days tend to vary, I have more of a monthly structure. At the beginning of the month I help to process month end for the previous month, I then check and approve the expenses of everyone in the company. Once expenses are over I process the supplier invoices and set up multiple accounts for the new starters amongst various other ad-hoc tasks.

I joined Lifetime in 2014 as a Finance Assistant, I have since completed my AAT Levels 2 and 3 and I am two exams away from achieving my Level 4.

I would say my biggest achievement so far is getting my Level 2 and 3 AAT with all first time passes in a year and a half.


Having not come from an accounting background it was a whole new world for me in Finance which was obviously a big challenge, however with a very supportive team who are always happy to help and getting through my AAT I have been able to overcome all hurdles.

I would say for someone to be successful at Lifetime they need to be open to change, Lifetime is in an environment where things are constantly changing and we need to be able to adapt to these changes.

Lifetime is a great place to work, not only do I work in an environment with great people, there are also lots of opportunities.  Working in Head Office we have got a Sports and Social Club which regularly hold events which we can attend, this gives us the opportunity to get to know others and have some fun in a relaxed environment. Lifetime is a very supportive company that wants to get the best out of their employees which is why they put so many employees through further training. Not only does Lifetime want to be the best it can be, it also wants to help their employees be the best they can be!

I think what makes Lifetime a unique employer is the fact that they want everyone to develop to be the best they can be. They offer further training to a high percentage of their employees, when in reality they probably don't necessarily need it, but by having this training it enables them to further their career prospects and move up the career ladder within Lifetime.