Meet Charlotte

Charlotte is the first point of contact for learners who are taking one of our self-funded beauty or fitness courses. She provides support to those learners right from the start of their journey, through to their qualification and sometimes beyond.  Charlotte is proud to demonstrate our Lifetime DNA and has been recognised as ‘a champion of our collaborative working value’.

Since being here I have become multi-skilled across different areas of my team

The company had been recommended to me by a friend who had completed training with Lifetime.  When I researched the history of the company I really liked the values and how it was started by somebody passionate.  It appealed to me that it started as a small business and grown into a number one provider.

The people, the atmosphere, the variety of work, being a part of an ever growing company where you have the chance to contribute your ideas to help the growth and development.  It is great feeling like your opinion and voice matters and is heard.

I liaise with beauty and fitness learners via phone and email with any issues they encounter; I coordinate the North West venues – arranging tutor diaries and raising purchase orders for venues; welcoming customers to their course when they first enroll; taking payments for certificates and resources.

I started within the Fitness Customer Service Team at Lifetime in July 2016.  I then became involved with the beauty courses and now work across both sectors. Recently I have also become a coordinator for our fitness North West area.

Receiving a thank you e-card from the Head of Commercial Operations, for my contribution to the Commercial Employee Forum.  It said that I was ‘a real champion of our collaborative working value’ and that he really liked my suggestions. It’s great when such a senior colleague takes the time to recognise your hard work and show their appreciation.

When I first started there were lots of systems to learn and it could have became overwhelming, however with the guidance and friendless of the team I always felt supported and they took the time to show me everything and answer any questions I had.

I believe Learner Services is at the heart of commercial department because we are that constant source of support and interaction with our learners throughout their whole journey, even after they receive their certificate. Without us being able to answer learner’s questions, support them when they need guidance, offer advice with things they are unclear on and motivate them at every touch point, I don’t believe we would have so much retention and be a trusted name.

Being hardworking, dedicated and passionate. Understanding that together we are helping to change someone’s life and achieve their dream – as cheesy as that may sound!

I have regular quality reviews with my manager, listening to previous phone calls I’ve had and recognising what went well and discussing together ways to improve. We  have a weekly ‘MVP’ (most valuable person) award and and Employee of the Month award which is determined by nominations from other team members.  These read out during a team meeting which is encouraging and motivates us to perform to the best of our ability.

Fast paced, varied, fulfilling. It is great to be able to have the opportunity to input your opinion/ideas and see them put in to practice no matter what your position in the company is.

Lifetime gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and really supports you in doing so. I know they have supported colleagues in achieving qualifications within the business and they show they appreciate staff through events such as the Spirit Awards which includes winners getting to go on a trip away!

Get in quick before someone else does! As long as you are hard-working and motivated you won’t regret it!