Meet Tim

As one of our talented Desktop Publishers every day is different for Tim. He produces learning resources for employer partners and learners across all of our sectors, making sure that they are eye-catching, easy to follow and innovative in their design so that our learners are engaged and the content is memorable.  For an exciting night in Tim would invite Nikola Tessler, Albert Einstein, Pharoah Khufu and his dad.  Not sure how he would coordinate all that but it would be an interesting evening!

The people that work here are a pleasure to be around and everyday is different

I found the prospect of working for a company that serves an important role to be exciting. Working in the educational sector I think is a valuable and important area that gives something back to people, and helps lots of individuals achieve what otherwise they could not. 

Every day is different and I produce a diverse range of learning material across all the sectors. Creating vector graphics and eye catching layouts are all key when designing these layouts to ensure that the learner is focused and the content memorable. 

The people that work here are a pleasure to be around and every day is different.

As the company is growing and expanding, I hope to rise up the ladder and become a senior member of our ever-increasing team. I would like to share my knowledge and skills to help new team members and be in a position of management for these people, developing the brand keeping up with the face paced design world making Lifetime stay ahead of its competitors and at the forefront in this face paced, ever evolving world that we are all in.

I’ve learnt an awful lot already in the short time that I’ve been here… but one of my biggest achievements is learning HTML and Web Coding. When I started my knowledge was zero and so far I’ve redesigned all the sector homepages.

Staying ahead of design principles and software is a constant and fun challenge.

I provide all the interactive learning content that our learners use to achieve their qualification.

A desire to learn, enthusiasm and a good people person!

We are given training when needed, software when needed and access to design elements.

It’s a very caring and supportive culture where the staff come first.