Meet Sarah

As the Learning and Design Technologies Manager, Sarah heads up a team who develop and design the innovative and pioneering learning resources for our employer partners and our learners. Always looking for new ways to do things, Sarah supports and encourages her team to think outside the box and deliver solutions which are tailored to the appropriate audience. A big fan of the film Elf, Sarah only gets to enjoy the experience once a year (at Christmas obviously!)

Anything and everything is possible. As a company we always try to go above and beyond for our learners and employer partners

I knew several people that already worked at Lifetime and heard that is was a progressive and innovative training provider.

The people and the ‘can-do’ attitude. Anything and everything is possible and as a company we always try to go above and beyond for our learners and employers and exceed expectations. This starts from ensuring that the people that work for Lifetime are well looked after and it’s the people that make it happen!

I manage our learning platform and a design team that put together the learning materials that our learners use. I ensure everything is of the right quality, fit for purpose and the platform works as it should do. This can be a bit of challenge at times but makes the day interesting and means no two days are never the same!

The role I came into was a new role so I have been lucky enough to shape it over the last two years. Since I joined, the team I work in has grown from three to 14 and continues to grow! I now have a small team to manage and again, this will grow over the next year. As part of the Curriculum & Learning Technologies Team, we are always busy and pushing to bring on board new and innovative ways of learning and this means more expertise will be required within the business (whether that is home-grown or we source that externally and recruit).

Being part of the team that is responsible for creating the new learning materials for the Standards is an exciting time. Putting these new qualifications live and have learners use them has been a big satisfaction as we are launching numerous sectors and qualifications at the same time and that has been challenging but exciting and has certainly created a ‘buzz’ in the team.