Meet Jessica

Jessica is one of our dedicated Business Development Administrators and she focuses on helping the business to develop and grow by researching, contacting and setting up meetings with key contacts in a variety of businesses to encourage them to partner with Lifetime for their apprenticeship programme delivery. Jessica loves working at Lifetime, especially when she sees all her hard work paying off and a simple phone call or email turns into a successful partnership. The best gift that Jessica has ever received was a trip to Disneyland from her Nana when she was little ‘I had no idea, so it was an amazing surprise’.

Everyone is always happy to help and there’s a really friendly atmosphere.

I was offered an interview here, and once I’d met my future line manager I knew it was a place I’d love to work. She was so friendly and made me feel like I would fit in really well with the rest of the team.

The people. Everyone is always happy to help and there’s a really friendly atmosphere in the office.

I carry out research on, and send emails to, new potential employer partners. I also look after our pipeline and prepare meeting packs.

This is my first role within Lifetime, but there are lots of great positions that I can aspire to. Within the Business Development department I could work towards becoming a Business Development Manager in the future. There is also the possibility to move into a different department, so lots of opportunities for progression!

Seeing the results of my everyday work pay off with employer partner meetings: a contact going from being an email address on my screen, to a meeting attended with our Business Development Manager discussing their partnership with Lifetime.

The main challenge I faced was not having a single clue about apprenticeships when I started. It wasn’t by any means a difficult challenge to overcome though! I was given loads of information, in the form of reading materials, presentations and chats with other members of my team, so now I can feel like I’m an apprenticeship expert!

I, along with the rest of the Business Development department, are constantly hunting for new employer partners for Lifetime to provide apprenticeships for. We research, contact and set up meetings with employer partners and encourage them to partner with Lifetime for their apprenticeship programme delivery.

Being self-motivated, enthusiastic and committed to high quality.

By my line manager, as well as from all of the other girls in the Business Development Team. They are always willing to help when you’ve got a question.

This is actually my first office job so it’s a new experience for me, but I am really enjoying it. It is great to be able to contribute towards other people’s success, helping the apprenticeship industry to grow and develop more people’s skills.

I think the culture is mostly based on support and making the most of as many opportunities as possible within the company. Not just in terms of careers, there is also lots going on with fundraising and fun activities for employees.

Lifetime is the first office-based employer I have worked for and the thing that I have found to be most different to what I expected is the way the employees interact. Everyone is so supportive and easy to talk to.

That Lifetime is a great company to be a part of so they should definitely apply!