Meet Ella

As a Client Communication Executive, Ella focusses on identifying new employer partners for Lifetime and researching the type of service that we could provide to them. Her research contributes to our winning bids and bring new opportunities and partnerships to Lifetime. Ella loves the song ‘September’ by Earth, Wind and Fire and describes it as an ‘instant mood lifter’.

Everyone works hard and is really passionate about Lifetime and what we do, but the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly

I returned from travelling unsure about what I wanted to do and was initially attracted to Lifetime by the role description - I saw it as a new challenge and something a bit different. In my interview I learnt a lot more about Lifetime and the fact it was a rapidly growing company so it seemed like a good opportunity and a great company to join.

I have a lot of support and feel like I can ask anyone any questions but I am given independence and trusted to carry out the work I need to do on my own.

As a team, winning new business from an employer partners we initially reached out to by email.

My role is to promote Lifetime’s offering in Business Services and Management apprenticeships to employers, to encourage them to partner with us. Therefore starting out knowing very little about both apprenticeships and Lifetime was difficult! I have been supported and encouraged by my team to learn as much as possible from work shadowing, reading, attending meetings and talking to others.

I play a part in winning new national employer partners for Lifetime within the apprenticeships arm of the business, this is important to maintain growth and develop Lifetime’s experience in delivering apprenticeships for a wide range of employers.

Being hard working, down to earth and willing to help others.

When I first joined I wasn’t thrown into the deep end, no one expected me to know everything straight away and I was encouraged and given as many opportunities to learn about Lifetime and apprenticeships as possible. This has continued even now I am in a position where I know more; there is always someone willing to help me or answer my questions and I am encouraged to participate in activities to help me learn as much as possible.

Everyone works hard and is really passionate about Lifetime and what we do but the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly.

Be prepared to work hard and become an expert on apprenticeships but also enjoy what you do.