Meet Nicola

As one of our Senior Apprenticeship Coordinators, Nicola was initially attracted to the role because it wasn’t like any other recruitment role. Having started as an Apprenticeship Coordinator, Nicola could see that she could use her skills and experience to focus on understanding her employer partners’ needs as well as finding new jobs for apprentices and making a difference in both areas. Now in a senior position, Nicola is able to use her skills to provide coaching and advice to her team. Her favourite song is ‘She Drove Me To Daytime Television’ by Funeral for a Friend.

I find it easy to talk to people in different departments, and I know other people do too

The main reason I was interested in this role was the promise that it wasn’t like other recruitment role, which appealed to me. It was still target driven, but it didn’t have the same approach as the agencies. Lifetime was about offering a free recruitment service to help young people get into apprenticeships, which I felt would be a rewarding job role.

The best thing about working in Lifetime is being able to work with large employer partners and helping to encourage apprenticeships. It helps get young people into the working environment where they can gain qualifications at the same time, which helps them develop a career. It also allows them to start working at a young age, and not be in lots of debt once they have finished the qualification.

On a typical day I would be speaking to managers to get vacancies advertised, and telephone interviewing candidates who have applied for the positions. Once I have selected high caliber candidates I would arrange interview dates with the manager. For me to manage this workload successfully, I have to plan my day accordingly and ensure my admin is up to date. I also manage learners that have been placed that are awaiting to be signed, ensuring they are ready for their appointments. During my time at Lifetime, I have also been a support to my team and the apprentices we have taken on.

Since starting Lifetime, I have had many opportunities to progress. I started working within the Hospitality sector, and then started focusing on a specific employer partner where we were helping it reach a target of 1700 apprentices. After working on this account for a while, I was promoted to Senior Apprenticeship Coordinator where I picked up additional work to help manage and report on what we had achieved. Since the beginning of this year, I was offered the opportunity to move to another employer partner account to help build the account and help recruit 750 apprentices within the year.

I am a high achiever and work hard to exceed my target. Even when picking up additional workloads I have managed to be one of the top performers. I have great ways of working so I am able to work efficiently and get the most out of my time. I make sure I work to the best of my ability, and managing leads from start to finish.

A person who will be successful at Lifetime is a team player. They will speak to their colleagues about their ways of working, and seek to help improve others as well as themselves. We have a target in the Apprentice Recruitment Team, and success comes from us working together, sharing knowledge and applicants when needed.

My biggest achievement in Lifetime is being an important member of the team, and proving my drive and ambition, leading me toward the opportunity to transfer into another team, and continue to have the same input. Within the next year I hope to help grow this new employer partner within our department, having the same amount of vacancies and results as I have achieved previously.

I have faced challenges of trying to manage a large team during the change over in from one Team Leader to another and assisting when the Team Leader was away. I overcame this by speaking to other Team Leaders and my manager for support. I think this is something I will be able to handle on my own in the future with more training and being able to work with a smaller team.

It’s a very social place to work, and it is more enjoyable knowing the company supports this. I find it easy to talk to people in different departments, and I know other people do too. Being able to talk to different people all over the company helps us as individuals to reach our targets.

It is fun, rewarding and inspiring

There is plenty of opportunity to progress within Lifetime, and they support this by offering opportunities for training to help you improve as an individual which helps you progress within your career at Lifetime. This shows that Lifetime are investing in their employees and want to keep them on for a long time.