Meet Leanne

Leanne is one of our talented Senior Apprenticeship Coordinators who started in the team as a Coordinator before being promoted to a senior role. Leanne’s background in fitness has enabled her to work closely with our employer partners to understand their business and help them to find the most suitable apprentices for their positions. Leanne really enjoys the culture at Lifetime especially being able to get involved in some of the activities outside of work such as the annual rounders tournament and Lifetime’s netball team.

There are lots of opportunities to get involved in things outside of work

I had a background within sport and recruitment and knew that Active Leisure was one of the sectors that Lifetime covered in addition to Recruitment.  I had a look on Glassdoor and LinkedIn and employees seemed to have progressed within the company so knew they could offer me a career. At my interview I related well to those interviewing me and felt as though I would fit in well with the team culture.

I also had a look on the website and saw that they had won a number of awards and worked with some large employers which highlighted to me that they were one of the top training providers.

The culture – there are lots of opportunities to get involved in things outside of work such as quizzes, netball, rounders, etc which helps with team morale and company culture.


I started off as an Apprenticeship Coordinator within the Active Leisure Team and within six months was promoted to Senior Apprenticeship Coordinator

My role within the Apprenticeship Recruitment Team leads to the success of Lifetime. The more successful we are in placing apprentices with our employer partners the happier the employer partner will be and they will be more likely to use us again and talk positively about Lifetime as a whole. If more candidates are placed and signed, this also means that Lifetime makes more money and so the profit of the business increases

Someone who volunteers and gets involved in aspects of Lifetime outside of their job role to build their profile within the business - this helps to be recognised.  Someone who encompasses the Lifetime DNA behaviours.

Being promoted to Senior Apprentice Coordinator in the Fitness Team

I am encouraged by both my Team Leader and manager on a day to day basis. We have regular 1-2-1s to discuss performance and areas of improvement. We also have team incentives to help motivate and encourage us, together with Most Valuable Person awards on a monthly basis.

When I first started it took me a while to get used to the systems, especially when it came to creating reports. I was given the support to help with this and given training to overcome some of the bigger issues.

I would say that they should. They will be provided with all of the support and resources needed to progress and have a career. Lifetime also has a great culture and they will have the opportunity to get involved in activities outside of work together with a friendly atmosphere day to day.