Meet Lauren

Lauren is another Lifetimer who has developed her career within the business. She started as a Course Advisor before becoming an Apprentice Recruitment Coordinator, and a Senior Apprentice Recruitment Coordinator and is now a Team Leader. As well as managing vacancies for her employer partners she supports and coaches her team to provide a great service. Lauren would love to spend an evening with Tim Peake, Mo Farah and Beyonce, with the laughs provided by Peter Kay.

It’s like one big family, all with the same goal and determination to do well

My Husband was already a Lifetimer when I applied, he had excelled quickly in his role with support from his team/fellow Lifetimers (Something that I’d always wanted to do).  As soon as a role in the sales department was advertised I was quick to apply.  I’d been in my previous role for five years and to jump ship so confidently says a lot!

It’s like one big family, all with the same goal and determination to do well.  I’ve never worked for a company or in a team that support each other so much.

I spend the majority of my day on the phone to candidates who have applied for an apprenticeship with one of our employer partners. I shortlist them, and support booking interviews. It’s so rewarding helping someone get into employment, whether they have just left school and are looking for their first job or more experienced and looking for a career change.

I originally started in Telesales, working with Key Accounts and other companies to support the training of existing staff.  After a year with Telesales I decided I’d try my luck in Apprentice Recruitment, having worked closely with some of the team. After three years I am still with Apprentice Recruitment and am now a Team Leader.

Hard work and determination. Setting yourself a goal, and working towards it. Working collaboratively with other departments are key to success.

It would have to be recruiting the most apprentices in one month. A record yet to be broken!

I have huge support from my line manager, and the rest of the team. They are keen to help me progress, and offer support and guidance whenever needed.

Great! I love my job, and it helps to work for a company that is passionate about what it does!

Lifetime value each member of staff.  Success is recognised and I come to work knowing what I do matters!