Meet George

George joined Lifetime as an apprentice on the Apprentice Recruitment Team and it was his first ever job! George has since completed his apprenticeship and been promoted to an Apprenticeship Recruitment Coordinator, where he is able to use his own experience as an apprentice to work closely with our employer partners, helping them to find people for their apprenticeship vacancies. George would love to host a dinner party with some big contenders such as Jeremy Corbyn, Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent and David Beckham.

We always share our resources and ideas to maximize each other’s performance

I chose to work for Lifetime because I had just left school and I was looking for a Sales/Recruitment Apprenticeship. The wage was very competitive and the company sounded great. I noticed that progression was a big part of the company. This is the case as I was promoted from an Apprentice to a Recruitment Coordinator eight months into my time with Lifetime.

The atmosphere around the building! Everyone is really friendly and senior figures within the business are always around! I always know why I am required to do certain tasks because senior management always keeps everyone in the picture in regards to what the company is looking to achieve!

Recruiting apprentices! Helping people like myself find their first job and making sure it is something they will enjoy.

I started with Lifetime when I was 16. It was my first ever job! I was an apprentice on the Apprentice Recruitment Team. Eight months into my apprenticeship I have been promoted to a Recruitment Coordinator. In the future I hope to become a Senior Account Manager!

My role contributes to the overall success of Lifetime because I place learners into roles where they are taking their NVQ/Standard qualification. The company makes its money from learners being signed onto and completing qualifications. Also the work I do builds strong rapport with key accounts!

Someone who is keen to progress and is always hungry to improve themselves.

My biggest achievement has to be my promotion.

I am supported firstly by my fellow coordinators. We always share our resources and ideas to maximize each other’s performance.  I am further supported by my Team Leader and department manager.

Great. Really friendly people. No micro-management. Great social events with colleagues.

An inclusive culture where everyone is welcome. Loads of social events including rounders, five-a-side, netball and pub quiz!

Surrounded by helpful colleagues and being given the ability to manage your own workload.