Meet Tansy

As Exams Officer, Tansy works as part of our Registration and Certification Team providing specific support to our Additional Learning provision. She coordinates the reporting and quality compliance as well as developing and analysing the data reporting for this business area. Tansy values nothing more than her friends and family.

[Lifetime is] an ever-increasing company which looks to train and develop its people to be the best they can be

The stability the company could offer me. Lifetime is an ever-increasing company which looks to train and develop its people to be the best they can be. A pleasant working environment, with a mixture of people from all different walks of life, but all with core values which make us a hard-working, learner-centric business. Quality is at the core of everything we do, and the bottom line is about the learner’s engagement and successes, not our business’ profit margin.

I work in a very autonomous role. No one has done my job before in Lifetime. It was created in response to our growing business, and commitment to quality processes. My recent promotion gave me the opportunity to use my problem solving, analytical, training, networking and people skills to be able to set-up processes to improve our standardisation of Functional Skills delivery.

I also appreciate the development conversations which are embedded into the business’ HR policies, so if you get your head down and work hard, you will be given opportunities to support the development of yourself and your career. I started as a Compliance Administrator temp less than three years ago, I have had two promotions since then, and been able to develop to a point where I deliver induction training to our new colleagues, and be a recognised point of reference for the entire business.

My role is never dull. I may have to repeat some work on a weekly basis, but no two weeks, or even two days are the same! I typically start my day covering all the emails in my three inboxes, supporting the Operational staff with their Functional Skills queries and requests. I am also responsible for all the processing, quality reporting and auditing of Functional Skills, and our Learning Support provision, as well as answering any requirements from our Awarding Bodies to fulfill our SLAs.


I spend time emailing, calling and dealing with our Trainers, to meet our internal compliance needs, and offer ad-hoc training and guidance. I write documentation and processes to support improvements to the quality delivery of our training, and create reference points within FUSE. Twice a month I lead induction sessions, supporting my manager by delivering our departments’ training, and additional sessions for established colleagues as and when required.


I visit Area Manager meetings; lead webinars, and attend Learning Support meetings to ensure the collaboration across quality and operations is successful within Additional Learning Support and Functional Skills. I attend meetings across departments every so often, to ensure new pioneering initiatives are embedded correctly and in a timely manner. I even get to support new business being transferred in, to make sure we get the learner set up as accurately and time-consciously as we can.

I have been recognised by colleagues each year since starting at Lifetime, within our SPIRIT awards nominations, and this year I have been fortunate enough to be selected as a winner.

On a personal level, I am proud of myself for working a full-time week, and still committing myself to my studies during evenings and weekends.

One of the biggest challenges was starting data analysis on Additional Learning Needs funding, because there was no system in place, no other businesses to learn from, and a lot of manual processing and work to do. In the initial period, I certainly didn’t know all the answers, and had to learn pretty quickly. I was fortunate enough to shadow some amazing trainers in the field, and have built good relationships so I could source the information I needed to fulfil my role, but it was a busy few months trying to get my head round everything. My manager helped me to source information, and although it was a lot to take on, I didn’t feel like I had been abandoned to sort it all out!

I get to analyse the standards of Functional Skills/Additional Learning Needs delivery throughout the business, and where necessary, respond to the individual or group who are not working at our required level. This means that although I do not teach maths and English myself, I am having a positive effect on the overall delivery by noticing, reporting on, and confirming correct procedures and policies. I work closely with the Additional Learning Managers, and I think this shows through the improved quality of the provision over the time we have been working together, and a reduction in compliance and sign-up issues.

The entire business is filled with busy, dedicated people. The people who do particularly well seem to focus on getting to the point where they are in the top 5% of performers in their current roles, and then start looking forwards. We believe in promoting and developing talent, which you need to master your current role to achieve.

Don’t be afraid to tell your manager what you want, and where you want to go in your Evolve conversations – they are about you! I have made it clear from day one, I want to learn as much as I can, and go as far as I can in terms of development.

A lot of the encouragement is ad-hoc. Thank you emails from trainers you have supported is always a boost to your day. I think the Evolve 121s and SPIRIT awards are probably the biggest methods I feel encouraged. I quite like that every six months, my manager and I have a full discussion about me, my role, things I need to learn for the next six months, and looking back at the previous. Each time I have achieved each point from the previous meeting it gives me a little boost because I can prove that everything I am set to do, I achieve and do it well. This is recorded for future reference, and gives you goals for the future.

The culture is a driven but fun one. I think most of us have a laugh on a daily basis – even if it’s about the amount of work/deadlines we have on for the week! We try to build open, trusted relationships with our learners, but also amongst ourselves.

There is a culture of success. Lifetime promotes successes throughout our business on internal communications, and offers us chances to nominate or mention colleagues for the exceptional performances on a regular basis.

The Lifetimers. We are the unique recipe for this business. I don’t believe we know the word ‘No’ (except in Compliance). We always try to help each other with workloads, and often collaborate across departments to improve the business’ output in terms of completion rates, quality and compliance, standardisation and learner engagement and journey.


Every opinion is acknowledged and listened to, so we have all helped to mould and shape this company from the day we start.

Do it! I have already recommended a few friends for vacancies before, because it really is that good a place to work. We are given lots of little perks (coffee machines, fruit orders, meeting lunches) to keep us happy and motivated in return for working hard with smiles on our faces!