Meet Nicholas

Nicholas joined Lifetime as an apprentice and, having completed his qualification, he is now a permanent fixture within the Operation Support team as well as continuing his professional development with the business. Nicholas provides invaluable support to our field based directors and teams and acts as a real anchor for those not in the office. He can often be seen on reception with a positive attitude and a friendly smile welcoming people to our Head Office. Nick is a huge fan of the film The Dark Knight and the character of the Joker played by Heath Ledger “[his performance] was perfect from start to finish”.

The people here light up the workplace with an abundance of positivity while still continuing on with a hard working attitude

Lifetime's DNA framework suited me as an individual. The ideas behind each DNA behavior related to me personally, and I feel a company that embodies these ideas has the utmost success, which Lifetime has.

The people. The people here light up the workplace with an abundance of positivity, laughter and smiles while still continuing with a hard working attitude day-in, day-out.

On a typical day at Lifetime I come in, set up my desk space ready for my working day. I then issue my daily reports to be sent out to multiple managers. Once I have done this I have a catch up with my assigned directors, to find out what I can support them with throughout the coming weeks. I then respond to the influx of calls that come through from Reception, and re-direct these to the correct department for resolution in a timely and efficient manner. I will also work alongside other departments to provide any support.

My career path within Lifetime is still in its early stages, so as of now, it’s onward and upward!

I have learned how to use multiple new programs I never thought I would ever use and which will now help me in later life.

I have had a few challenges while working at Lifetime, a couple examples are; lack of experience in report creation, phone call etiquette and diary management.

I have now gained the experience in all of these skills and I can use them for the rest of my life which I am really chuffed about!

Through the key support we provide to multiple areas within the business, specifically the Directors.

I feel a hard working and positive attitude are major key elements for a successful individual at Lifetime, as well as complying with the DNA behaviors.

Lifetime is incredibly unique to other workplaces. From my experience thus far, the environment is always surrounded by positive energy with laughs and smiles! I feel this creates a much better working environment for everyone.

The culture at Lifetime is an incredibly upbeat and positive one. I haven’t once felt negative, which I feel is hard to find in most companies!

I feel Lifetime is unique in the way it treats and respects its employees, creating a positive, fun and productive environment to work in.

As well as this providing top quality training to its learners day-in, day-out through the hard work of both field based staff and Head Office.

I would say do it! If you are hardworking and friendly then this is the place for you. Everyone is happy to be here and you can see that in the smiles and laughter in the office day-to-day.