Meet Maggie

As Client Communications Manager Maggie plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our new employer partner accounts are set up and running smoothly. Maggie also supports the Business Development Team in preparing for new meetings, managing any actions from those meetings and ensuring projects are managed effectively. More recently Maggie has taken on the role of PA to the CEO and is using her skills to coordinate and manage critical projects for the business. With it’s witty humour and quick one-liners Maggie chooses The Princess Bride as her favourite book and film.

A positive attitude and willingness to help makes someone successful at Lifetime

I wanted to work for Lifetime Training because of the amazing people. My interview was actually fun! I knew that the effortless conversation I had during the first meeting was a sign of good things to come.

The encouraging and engaging atmosphere. Everyone wants everyone else to succeed and thrive. I think this begins at the Regional Apprenticeship Trainer to learner level and is embedded throughout the business.

A typical day for me involves working across multiple departments to get new accounts set up and running. I support the Business Development Managers to prepare for new meetings and project manage the actions from those meetings.

My career path across Lifetime could take several difference routes depending on if I’d like to switch teams at any point. I could join the Operational side of Lifetime and become an Account Manager or Executive. I could move into the Marketing Team to help promote a sector and encourage learners or I could look to manage a Business Development Team of my own. Seems like tons of options but I’m really happy where I am right now.

My role on the Business Development Team helps to grow Lifetime across our sectors. I try to bring on new employer partners which promotes new learners for Lifetime to recruit and train.

I think a positive attitude and willingness to help makes someone successful at Lifetime. Because we stretch across the country and have only one Head Office people have to feel comfortable to reach out when they need help and it’s the people who answer the phone and find the answers that are successful.

My manager is great! She’s fun and encouraging while being productive and successful. We work as a true team and are constantly supporting each other to strive for success within our team and to grow Lifetime as a business.

Lifetime is a fun and innovative company to work for. While we work hard, we are well rewarded. There’s tons of perks including, rounders tournaments, pub quizzes, gym discounts, SPIRIT awards and a great Head Office location in Bristol. It’s really rewarding to know that we are providing a life changing service and opportunity for people across the country and enabling them to achieve qualifications and excel in their careers.

Do it! Apply and go for the interview! You won’t regret it. It may take a little while to fully understand everything we have to offer as the level of detail is in-depth but it’s worth it.