Meet Nikki

Nikki started as Lifetime’s very first Client Account Executive supporting the Account Director and acting as the main office based support. She then progressed into an Account Manager role and has since worked across all of our sectors. Nikki is the key point of contact for our employer partners in the Health and Social Care sector and no two days are the same. She has to always be ready to respond to employer partner needs and deliver excellence in everything she does.  Nikki’s prized possession is a Hot Rod T-shirt owned by her dad who was a drag car racer. The t-shirt is ‘cool, colourful, brave and always got attention’ just like her dad!

The company values and work ethos is everything I believe in and I’m proud to be a Lifetimer

I wanted to remain within the Fitness Sector, having come from being a General Manager, I had the desire to remain working with corporate partnerships, and developing opportunities within the workforce. The Client Account Executive route seemed very fitting, to start a career working with partnerships and encouraging development across a workforce.

Lifetime isn’t just a company you work for, your build solid friendships with your colleagues supporting you throughout your career. The company values and work ethos is everything I believe in and am proud to be a ‘Lifetimer’.

Every day is different when supporting key employer partners. Each employer partner has their own way of working. A typical day, will be  face to face visits, at all levels across England, whether that be with learners and Regional Apprenticeship Trainers or Branch Managers, Regional Managers, Regional Directors, and L&D Directors. Or I could be undertaking employer partner administration processing, learner reporting, nomination processing, campaign briefing or developing marketing collateral.

I started as a Client Account Executive in 2010 (the first and only one at the time). I was working under our Account Director at the time, as her main office based support. I moved into the Key Account Manager role after two years ( at that time taking over from the Account Director, as the only Account Manager in Lifetime… wow how we have grown!) Throughout my time at Lifetime, moving from Client Account Executive to Key Accounts Manager, I have certainly diversified by working cross sector, from Active Leisure, Business & Admin, Hospitality, Care and Health.

I personally gain great satisfaction when growing provision of an account; securing partnerships and fulfilling performance of the account, across engagement, learner growth and success rates. I have been been a SPIRIT winner and I have carried that with me as an achievement and continue to consider myself as a recognized high performer.

Communication is key to ensure challenges are resolved and utilizing the experts within Lifetime to support our employer partners to achieve a positive outcome. As a Key Account Manager, I am often faced with challenges where employer partners may require a product, report, or additional support outside of our offering. However, the beauty of Lifetime is that we will absolutely strive to work with them to achieve a positive outcome.

As a Key Account Manager it is imperative that we ensure we communicate well with both internal and external stakeholders. Retaining our employer partners is crucial, not only for the business reputation, but to ensure we as a business continue to thrive and grow, delivering exceptional services to our employer partners, and ultimately having an impact on our employer partner’s business success as well.

Being able to move with the times.  Accept there will be changes, challenges and success… work together to always improve and remain motivated. Strive to move from ‘Good to Great’. Work well with your peers, contacts and senior team.

I have a fantastic manager supporting and encouraging me to grow on a daily basis. The team I work with are very motivated and driven, as like myself, working to be the best we can together, as well as individually.

Whilst there are challenging times, we all work together. Great support and generally a very motivated, happy environment.

The values, attitude and behaviors of Lifetime's DNA are shared with us on a daily basis. It is really important we work with this mentality to grow the Lifetime culture and be part of its success.

You are treated as an expert for the role you are employed to do. Our senior team really believe in us as employees and give us the chance to grow, share our thoughts, and evolve with Lifetime as part of a forever changing and expanding business.

I would say go for it….the grass is truly greener! I have already referred friends, of which one had been successful, and remains in the business now.