Meet Madison

After starting her career at Lifetime as an Apprentice Recruitment Coordinator working with employer partners across sectors, Madison used her skills and experience to secure a position as an Account Executive within our hospitality sector. Madison supports our Account Managers and employer partners to makes sure that we are providing the very best, tailored solutions for their business, meaning that no two days are ever the same. An avid reader, Madison usually has two books on the go at any one time but her first love would have to be Harry Potter which she re-reads on an annual basis (usually at Christmas!)

I really enjoy working for Lifetime [it] ticks all the boxes for me! I have always respected the way Lifetime gives back what you put in.

Before I started at Lifetime, I was previously working in a recruitment agency in central Bristol. After nine months, I decided it wasn’t what I wanted to do and started advertising my CV online. I was contacted almost instantly for a couple of different positions, and Apprentice Coordinator for Lifetime was one! I was interviewed by my manager to be and was offered and accepted the position within the week!

I really enjoy working for Lifetime. Although every business has areas that could develop/refresh, I think for the majority part, Lifetime ticks all the boxes for me! I have always respected the way Lifetime gives back what you put in, and I have had a very positive career here so far. Both my managers have offered me development and progression opportunities/plans, and I can see a clear progression route within the business!

There is no typical day in the account executive world - every day is totally different. I remember before I started, sitting with my predecessors and asking what the typical day looks like and they told me ‘no day is the same’! I couldn’t get my head around it initially, but it is true and that’s what makes the role so much fun! You start the day with a list of priorities and will end up receiving a call or email and your whole day becomes dedicated to something else! It’s why I enjoy my role so much – there is such variety, there’s never a dull moment.

I started in the Apprentice Recruitment Team in March 2015. I had previously worked at a recruitment company in central Bristol, and was contacted after I had put my CV on LinkedIn. I started cross-sector and worked primarily on Fitness and Hospitality, this was back when the team was about half the size and we weren’t sector-specific! After nine months within the team, a Senior Coordinator position became available, I applied and got the role! I worked on one employer partner account for a further eight/nine months, before deciding it was time to progress into another part of the business. I was interested in moving into Operations as an Account Executive.  I liaised with both my manager and the Hospitality Account Director about the opportunities available for me. Within a couple of months I had an interview for an Account Executive position and started in November 2016.

I would say that my biggest achievement at Lifetime so far would be my promotion from Senior Apprentice Coordinator to Hospitality Account Executive. I was very interested in developing my career after almost three years in recruitment and was over the moon to have got the role I wanted! I am looking forward to continuing to develop my career within Lifetime and seeing where my progression goes!

My biggest challenge to date, would be the re-design and launch of all of the marketing collateral for one of our employer partners as a result of the reforms within the apprenticeship sector. It was a huge piece of work, which meant late nights, lots of meetings and managing both employer partner’s expectations and other department expectations. The project tested my organizational skills, my relationship-building skills and how collaboratively I worked with my Lifetime colleagues! Although it was a stressful period, the satisfaction in delivery was totally worth it. I have definitely learned a lot from this, and look forward to applying it in similar projects in the future!

Success is measured in different ways – I would say that it is very circumstantial to your role. I think Lifetime measures success by the performance of an employee throughout an allotted time period. This is discussed in the Evolve conversations which you have with you line manager on a regular basis.

I am lucky as I have a good professional relationship with my line manager.  Subsequently, it means that if I am ever struggling or challenged by particular tasks, I am able to voice this and she will support me. I am constantly presented with new challenges and opportunities to develop my skill sets, both my line manager and myself have an idea of the direction my career is progressing and we discuss the opportunities available to me now and in the future.

I would say considering how large and successful the business is, it is surprisingly ‘un-corporate’.   By this I mean that the environment is quite relaxed and flexible to an individual’s needs, however, in contrast to this it’s also very fast-paced and busy. There is a lot of collaboration between the different departments within Lifetime. On a daily basis, I am usually working with three different teams to meet a final goal. Relationship building is key, especially in my role!

I think Lifetime has some great qualities which make it stand out as an employer against others. The sense of community is great, along with the overall goal of the business. It’s nice to work for a company that makes a positive difference on people’s futures.

I would say – go for it, but ensure you are willing to work, and you will get out what you put in!